Thursday, July 12, 2012

Big Girl Room Redo and Misc. Home Improvements =)

I'm such a bad blogger--it's been so fun to have my kiddos all home--we've been filling up every day with long walks to the park, pool dates and lots of playtime. I've been doing a lot of projects around the house because the people of my town throw away a lot of awesome furniture. This last week I've gotten a gross desk & chair that I transformed for the girl's room, an ethan allen coffee table that needed a coat of paint, some glass vases that I painted the insides of, and a really cute side table that will probably go in my guest room if I ever get it up to the third floor. =) 
We redid the girls room last weekend--re-bunked their beds, painted the walls, made new shades and painted a bunch of odds and ends (desks, frames, mirrors) to decorate. Amelie provided the art work! The best part of the room redo is that it only cost us $30--a new gallon of paint, 2 cans of spray paint and everything else (including brushes, art work, frames etc) we already had in storage or in their room. Love budget friendly makeovers! Here are a few shots of their new big girl room:
 Spray painted chair, lamps, fan and picture frames. Love Spray Paint!!

The vases I painted with whatever colors I found in the basement:
 The giant freshly painted coffee table that my children think was made for them to sit, dance, eat, play and jump on and off of.
That's it for now! I'll try to be a better blogger but the days are full and my kids will only be this age once--I intend to enjoy as much as I can! =)

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