Sunday, July 22, 2012


I made promises to myself that I wouldn't let my blog go....but I have! Ack! 
Summer is so busy and sunny and pool-y and park-y that I just can't sit down and write.
I haven't been taking pictures really here's a blast from our summery-past! 
My parents live on a farm in the middle of no-where (literally--a no stop light town) but to *get away* from it all my Dad built a cabin. It's beautiful--the spot he picked is lovely (on a creek, next to a marshy field) and so peaceful. And, if it's even possible, more peaceful than the peaceful place they already live! He is so talented--it just amazes me the things he can do! He hadn't quite finished the cabin yet in these pictures--he has since put on a roof and siding. Here's a picture of the cute stool he built:

 The girls and Dad on the porch:
 Marsh-land. Home of frogs, fish, deer, craw-fish and the two bass my Dad threw in the water. =)
 Rock bridge!
 Climbing up to the sleeping loft in the cabin:
My parents are so adventurous and fun. I love that about them. I am NOT like that at all. Adventure for me is eating at a different restaurant than usual and fun = staying home quietly. =) Love them!

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