Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Friday! My weak little asthma lungs are slowly healing and getting back to normal! Hooray! Today I ran a mile and it felt AMAZING!! My lungs worked pretty good and I went fast and didn't feel like I was going to die. What an answer to prayer! 
School is officially over for Amelie (Mr. Wonderful has two more days of meetings and one more graduation to play for). Here's a shot of my sweet girl on her last day of 1st grade!!!!

First Day of First Grade vs. The Last Day!

I really feel like summer snuck up on me this year! We leave for vacation in a few days and I'm all set and EXCITED to spend days on the beach!!! Let's hope camping agrees with the family! =) I google-earthed our camping site and am so excited about literally being ON the beach. YAY!! SO thankful to be feeling better and breathing better and hopefully will stay that way! 
Speaking of probably followed the CF story of Nate and Tricia--you can check out his blog for updates (click here) but Tricia is starting an aggressive anti-rejection treatment today. It will leave her immune system weak and unprotected--won't you pray that God will protect this sweet lady? She has been through so much and has remained so positive. 
That's it for now--if you can take a big deep breath without any problems thank your lucky stars and your Heavenly Father--Every Single Breath is a gift.

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