Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We spent the last week enjoying the lovely-ness that is Upstate New York! Days and days were spent on the beach (Lake Ontario) and in the meadows and the forests, at the pond and in the cabin enjoying the change of scenery. It's just so lovely there--absolutely nothing can compare to the peace, and the beauty and the all encompassing quietness of it all.
The kiddos had a wonderful time swimming and fishing and 4-wheeler-riding and doing all of the wonderfully fun things we get to do in the country. 
I miss that lifestyle SO much. 
I've lately found myself very content to be settled where we are--surrounded by so much loving family and dear friends--but going back, I can't help but LONG for wide open spaces. 
Anyways....that's not where the Lord has placed me so I'll have to be thankful that I can at least visit those spaces! Even if all I took away from it was raging allergies/asthma and lung trouble. Gah. 
Can't win. =)
A few pictures of my sweet babies--love my little rays of sunshine!!

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