Thursday, August 9, 2012

this week i haven't done a very good job focusing on the blessings in my life.
a little seed of discontentment appeared in my heart and instead of soaking in the truth of the Word, or spending time with my Heavenly Father--
i let it fester.
and really, it doesn't take long for a tiny little seed of discontent, when nurtured with self-pity, what-if's and i-deserve-it(s), to turn into a great big rotten, consuming mess.
sometimes i am so foolish and fickle--so today as i try, in earnest, with the Lord's help, to dig that seed-turned-stumbling block out of my heart,
i am thankful
for God
and that He never changes
is never fickle
is always wise
and loves me even when i want something that is in no way better than what He's already given me.

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