Saturday, August 11, 2012

When I started exercising AND watching what I ate (for the most part--tee hee!) I didn't have a goal weight in mind. I had a goal picture/dress. I've had this dress for years--10 or 11 to be exact, and haven't been in it for at least 9 years. 
Seriously people--I've been saving this dress THAT long. Mostly because I really loved it! Well, today I put it on and zipped it to the top and it's not too squishy or anything and I am happy! =)
10 years ago (at one of my favorite people, Andrea's, wedding reception)/today:

And it's date night so I'm totally going to wear it.
Maybe also to church tomorrow.
Don't judge. =)
I also tried on this dress from my wedding rehearsal!!:
(I'm in the middle with Patty Lynn and Rachel Beth on the left, and Sarah E. and Becky on the right).
And it fit and zipped too! A little too tight to wear in public--but these are huge milestones for me! Yay!


Julie said...

Hip hip HOORAY!!!

Melody said...

That is SO awesome! Good for you!!!!!!