Wednesday, February 8, 2012

*Both* of my children took naps today.
It was all kinds of amazing.

We had a very quiet day here--we made pink cupcakes because a very cute blond girl asked to and went to story time at the library in spite of said blond girls misgivings:

Me: "Wanna check out story time at the library? I think it would be fun!"
Maeve (with tears in her eyes): "No Mama! That sounds scary!"
Me: "What?! Books aren't scary! And neither are libraries or stories!"
Maeve (deep sigh): "I guess we could try it out--but if it's scary I want to go home."

Seriously?! Ha! She actually loved it though and let me know as soon as we got there that it wasn't scary at all and we should do it more often. Kids are weird. They also got to do a cute Valentine craft and we saw some friends there!

I spent nap time drowning in Pins (via Pintrest) and watching tv clips on youtube instead of cleaning, cooking or doing laundry.  Oh well. No one's perfect. =) Luckily now that my husband is home again at night I have the luxury of being lazy during nap time and I can play catch up when he's home. WIN!

Happy Wednesday!

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