Monday, February 13, 2012

Pintrest Day!

The other day I decided to make a bunch of the crafts/food that I've pinned in Pintrest!
 It was a lot of fun--and nothing was a bust so that was good! =)
I started out making paper leaves since I have OODLES of scrapbook paper that I don't ever use. I started out with a 6 inch rectangle (folded in half to a square). Then I cut a curve from one corner to the next, flipped the paper and did the same again and produced two leaf shapes. I had some random craft wire in my craft room so I cut a 6inch length, place the wire down the middle of the back of one of the leaves and hot glued it down and then the other leaf side on top. After my leaf was glued I twisted the wire onto some branches from my backyard and Voila! A pretty paper leaf bouquet for the empty space on the top of my closet.
Since I was making paper leaves--I decided to do a project based on this one (click here). I love the flower design and the colors--a happy new picture for my kitchen!

And with my scrapbook paper I also fashioned an owl for Ezra's room--I saw this idea somewhere (can't remember where) and it's been floating in my brain to replicate.
Another favorite? The yummy chocolate chip cookies I made based on this recipe!

And this 5 minute artisan bread turned out phenomenal!

I have a few more recipes I'd like to try--I'll give ya a report after I do! =)

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Madre said...

Super creative, maybe you burned yourself out with all of this lovely creation and that is why the valentine's cookies didn't come out! You are so cool!