Sunday, February 12, 2012

My husband's last performance (playing for an opera company in Philadelphia) was yesterday and I couldn't be happier! It will be awesome to have him home for AN ENTIRE WEEKEND. Woot. Also it's a 4 day weekend so it's pretty much full of the awesome!
Yesterday, when he was out, I declared it Pintrest Day! and made a few of the projects/recipes I've recently pinned. I'm happy to report that there was success on all fronts and I'll share my projects soon! Amelie even got in on the action and worked with me!=) Love having that girl home!
I snapped a few Valentine-y pictures of the kiddos this morning before church too:

Some thoughts:
1. It's hard to take pictures of Amelie without glare on her glasses. There must be tricks to solve this problem!
2. Maeve was frozen so her face looks crazy =) Mean Mommy makes them take pictures on the porch for good light but it was colder than I anticipated and we froze in the 2 minutes we were out there!
3. It's impossible to get Ezra's picture unless he has a mouth full of food. Which he does. In this picture. =)
Happy Sunday!!

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