Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So Much So Little So Long

It has been a long time since I blogged-I think my longest ever break from blogging!-boy this winter has really socked it to us with the never-ending-rounds-of-sickness. When we're sick I get overwhelmed and shut down and get quiet and hibernate. So that's what I've been doing. =)
A little update on what's gone down:
I helped out at Amelie's Valentine's Day party! They are the sweetest, best-behaved and most lovely little 1st graders ever! 
The next day Amelie came down with the SUPER TERRIBLE STOMACH BUG that's been going around and spent the next 4 days recovering. =( Boo.
My Parents came down President's Day weekend! My Mom played with the kiddos a lot and my Dad spent hours and hours and hours and hours installing a new front door for an early birthday present for me! Yay! Thanks so much Dad!!! It was a true labor of love!
The day after they left Maeve and I came down with THE stomach bug. It was terrible. My husband stayed home one morning to help me and then I was on my own with the kids. It wasn't pretty. =( 
By Thursday we were doing much better though so Friday we went to my husband's Disney Show! I forgot my camera's memory card! GAH!! But it was so cute--Maeve was Sleeping Beauty and Ezra was thrilled to be a dragon. =)
There were snacks and games and prizes and lots of little friends. The kids had fun! Everything my husband does is pretty fabulous!
Then the weekend was here and my husband came down with THE stomach bug. =( Stupid stomach bug. Amelie slept over at the Grandparents and I did my best to entertain the littles. I also finished a few painting projects--One win: the porch, a trash-picked rocking chair and the front door--so pretty with fresh paint--can't wait to finish putting the finishing touches on my new sitting area--will post pictures when complete! One fail: bathroom cabinet--I thought gray would make it look prettier like furniture-y but instead I HATE IT and will be repainting it white.
And then there was yesterday, my husband was recovered and back to work and it was GORGEOUS out so Maeve and Ezra took a nice long walk, went to the library, played outside with bubbles and had a really lovely day. 

And then I went to bed at 8:30 because I was exhausted. =)
The. End.
Hopefully I'll be a better blogger--and HOPEFULLY we can stay healthy for five minutes!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pintrest Day!

The other day I decided to make a bunch of the crafts/food that I've pinned in Pintrest!
 It was a lot of fun--and nothing was a bust so that was good! =)
I started out making paper leaves since I have OODLES of scrapbook paper that I don't ever use. I started out with a 6 inch rectangle (folded in half to a square). Then I cut a curve from one corner to the next, flipped the paper and did the same again and produced two leaf shapes. I had some random craft wire in my craft room so I cut a 6inch length, place the wire down the middle of the back of one of the leaves and hot glued it down and then the other leaf side on top. After my leaf was glued I twisted the wire onto some branches from my backyard and Voila! A pretty paper leaf bouquet for the empty space on the top of my closet.
Since I was making paper leaves--I decided to do a project based on this one (click here). I love the flower design and the colors--a happy new picture for my kitchen!

And with my scrapbook paper I also fashioned an owl for Ezra's room--I saw this idea somewhere (can't remember where) and it's been floating in my brain to replicate.
Another favorite? The yummy chocolate chip cookies I made based on this recipe!

And this 5 minute artisan bread turned out phenomenal!

I have a few more recipes I'd like to try--I'll give ya a report after I do! =)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My husband's last performance (playing for an opera company in Philadelphia) was yesterday and I couldn't be happier! It will be awesome to have him home for AN ENTIRE WEEKEND. Woot. Also it's a 4 day weekend so it's pretty much full of the awesome!
Yesterday, when he was out, I declared it Pintrest Day! and made a few of the projects/recipes I've recently pinned. I'm happy to report that there was success on all fronts and I'll share my projects soon! Amelie even got in on the action and worked with me!=) Love having that girl home!
I snapped a few Valentine-y pictures of the kiddos this morning before church too:

Some thoughts:
1. It's hard to take pictures of Amelie without glare on her glasses. There must be tricks to solve this problem!
2. Maeve was frozen so her face looks crazy =) Mean Mommy makes them take pictures on the porch for good light but it was colder than I anticipated and we froze in the 2 minutes we were out there!
3. It's impossible to get Ezra's picture unless he has a mouth full of food. Which he does. In this picture. =)
Happy Sunday!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

*Both* of my children took naps today.
It was all kinds of amazing.

We had a very quiet day here--we made pink cupcakes because a very cute blond girl asked to and went to story time at the library in spite of said blond girls misgivings:

Me: "Wanna check out story time at the library? I think it would be fun!"
Maeve (with tears in her eyes): "No Mama! That sounds scary!"
Me: "What?! Books aren't scary! And neither are libraries or stories!"
Maeve (deep sigh): "I guess we could try it out--but if it's scary I want to go home."

Seriously?! Ha! She actually loved it though and let me know as soon as we got there that it wasn't scary at all and we should do it more often. Kids are weird. They also got to do a cute Valentine craft and we saw some friends there!

I spent nap time drowning in Pins (via Pintrest) and watching tv clips on youtube instead of cleaning, cooking or doing laundry.  Oh well. No one's perfect. =) Luckily now that my husband is home again at night I have the luxury of being lazy during nap time and I can play catch up when he's home. WIN!

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, February 3, 2012

So happy it's Friday and 
THE last long day
(for now).
'Cause it's been lonely on the edges of the day
long in between.
But happy too.
Also, grumpy.
I'm thankful though, for the precious ones and their 
endless infectious