Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Perfectly Lovely Day

I've had a lovely day with the girls and boy (so far =)!
They woke up bright and early but were happy and played so well! They read books together,
played dress up
and worked on crafts 
while I organized the pantry!
and Ezra?
Well...he did a lot of sleeping and playing and eating baby food 
(homemade this morning while the girls were being angelic!)
It's absolutely gorgeous today, 
(Thank you God for a beautiful perfect NY-weather kind of day!!)  
so after we visited Daddy really quick (and got some excellent deals at CVS and Rite Aid) the girls ate snacks and played outside while I tried to relax in the Hammock.
Or, *hanky* as Amelie calls it. 
The girls were about 3 inches from my face and on top of my body the entire time so it wasn't very relaxing--but really--it was delightful.
Love. Them.

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