Thursday, June 10, 2010


I had another lovely day with the kiddos yesterday! We had a quiet morning at home and then enjoyed a fun coffee trip with my friend Brie and her little guy! Granny of the East came for a quick visit/present drop off =) and the girls were so happy! Granny(s) are ROCK Stars in this house!
The girls went down for nap and I hoped to as well but then a stinkin' loud train came through and woke up Ezra an hour early from nap! Gah! Oh well! 
I brought my little guy down and we watched The Young Victoria.
And oh my word--I loved this movie! I rarely watch movies anymore because it seems like they are all so disappointing! So many times they are overly sexualized or violent and honestly I don't want to watch that nonsense! This movie was delightful though! My favorite genre--historical romance! The actors were all really lovely and understated and the costumes were ah-mazing! Really--very lovely. If I had a few more minutes in my day I would grab a book and learn more about Victoria--any monarch who has NINE children in the 1700s has got to be some kind of woman!
And now it's Thursday and another week has nearly flown by--I've got to feed the children because they've realized I'm around and they're starting to look at me with those big brown eyes. =)
Happy Day!


Julie said...

That totally looks like a movie I'd like. I'll have to check it out. You're right about it being tough to find a good, decent movie these days. Pretty sad when you have to go to the kids' section to find something without (much) sex and violence. LOL

Devin said...

I love these kind too! I'll have to check it out!