Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thoughts, Questions, Thankfulness, Etc

* i'm so glad it's warm outside! i spent so many wintry months freezing in this house--it's nice to be warm again!
* ezra and his rolling are out of control--it's so funny--we just can't keep him contained! he is also growing out of control and happily we were gifted some big-boy-clothes for him for this fall! yay!
* sippy cups in the dishwasher are like socks in the wash--one piece of the pair always comes up missing. i wanted to experiment today and see if ezra could drink from one and couldn't find two pieces to match up! ack! it's a good thing we're going to target tomorrow (to spend my gift cards!).  
* how old were your kids when you introduced the sippy cup? i can't really remember the ages but i started amelie off with a regular sippy cup (around 8 months?) and maeve with a straw cup (who knows when!?). i'm not sure what to do with e-boy.  
* speaking of ezra--i blended up the ugliest combo of veggies for him to eat tonight--it was corn, green beans and carrots--it turned the WORST color i have ever seen--although, it apparently was very delicious b/c he ate it up!
* i've recently started texting and really enjoy it (it suits my phone phobia!) but dislike it when i try to talk to people who are so into their phone that they can't look up in a conversation! ever feel like technology brings us just as close together as it pushes us apart? it is hard--those little things are so addictive! i love to hear the little text-chime--it's like a magic little bell of happiness =)
* i'm liking this summer schedule of ours--we can do what we want, when we want to and it is lovely! too bad the kids don't sleep in b/c this would be an excellent time to start!
* this week has flown (as they all do)! i can't help but think of our vacay which is fast approaching! so exciting!
*happy thursday!


SarahV said...

i didn't give judah a sippy cup until he was 1 but we started asher at 6 months and he was a pro from the start. they have all kinds of crazy transition sippy cups now so it makes it easier, i think, for them to get the hang of it. now asher refuses to drink from anything but a straw! weirdo. nubby makes a nice beginner straw cup that controls the flow so there's not much spilling. i liked it :)

Micayla said...

We started Ryleigh on the sippy at 8 months I think, but it took her Forever to get the hang of it! And she would only drink from one certain kind. She's a weirdo.

And I'm with you on the technology thing. I've grown closer to people thanks to Facebook, but now I feel disconnected from them because we never actually talk face to face anymore.