Monday, March 3, 2008

Because It's My Birthday and I'm Feeling Indulgent

In my 29 years on earth I've accumulated some strange habits...just thought I'd share a few.

1. I wear skirts every day of my life. I love skirts--I can't stress this enough. LOVE them! I started wearing skirts everyday because I ascribe to the theory that life is short so you ought to do the little things that make you happy EVERYDAY! My poor husband doesn't remember what I look like in pants and my poor students thought my husband MADE me wear skirts everyday because appparently, no one in their right mind would want to wear them everyday! You might even be able to blame it on the fact that I went to school in this town:

2. My other little "problem," (i.e. addiction) is related to my skirt wearing preference. I have a vast sock collection pictured here:

Now, these are not just ANY socks--they are all knee high or thigh high, striped, polka dotted or brightly colored socks. Since I wore skirts at college where it was often 20 degrees and sleeting sideways I had to keep my legs warm and since I despise stockings I took to wearing these extra tall socks. Sometimes I even plan an entire day's wardrobe around a pair of socks, that's just how crazy I am. I'll explain more about this addiction at a later date.

3. If it's above 50 degrees I am wearing these everyday and everywhere:

I just love 'em. It's the closest thing to bare feet a country lovin' city livin' girl can get. Amen.

4. I also collect chotcke's (i.e. knick knacks) from any special/meaningful occasion or event. My house is covered with little things from the houses of my grandparents, my own parents, things from college and dating days....You name it--I've saved it. My favorite things to collect to remind me of others are tiny animals--for some reason all my grandmothers had little figurines around the house--I love this elephant and I also have a little turtle and snail that I adore. Oh, and a lovely collection of blue bottles from my dad and my mother(s) in law.

The End....(for now)


Janet said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, Michelle! Happy Birthday to you!

Ree said...

Happy Birthday Miss Michelle!! I understand the knick knack thing!! I love them...needless to say, it drives my hubby CRAZY!!! He says if there is a flat open space I will fill it!! He prefers bare... I say 'HOW BORING!!' He also calls me a pack rat. I don't completely disagree although I'm not quite that bad.
As for the sock issue, THAT"S SO YOU!! You have even inspired me to collect a few 'interesting' socks!!

Sheri said...

Oh my! Happy Birthday!!!! YEAH 29 years young! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

oh, and I am trying to picture you with 2 little girls, a skirt, tights, and flip flops:) How do you do it- I'd be showing the world my undies everyday!:) not to mention how do you keep the flip flops on your feet with tights!:)ha ha

Michelle said...

I should clarify--tall socks for the winter months and flip flops for any day above 50 (but always skirts =-)

BluSkies80 said...

Hey Michelle-just wanted to say happy b-day! Hope that you have a wonderful day!

Megan & Company said...

Happy Birthday!

And, I had no idea on the skirt thing. I LOVE it. :)

Sarah said...

i hope you have a wonderful birthday! wish i could be there :)

charmed1 said...

Happy Birthday Shelle! I agree with you 100% on #3. I wear sandals whenever possible - even in the light snow! The hubby tells me I'll get sick but I don't care. I hate shoes!!!

Have an awesome bday babe!

Megan & Company said...

Furthermore, where does one get such cute socks? I've always been a big jealous!

Ree said...

There are exceptions when it comes to the had PANTS on today!! I think that's like only the second time I've ever seen you in them, and not in a skirt, since, well, as long as I've known you!!

Ms. OK said...

I love this entry! It sounds so much like't it amazing how people have their different excentrisms (is that a word?) Anyway, cool it! Check mine might find that it is similar :-)