Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do Not Disturb Mavis Beacon's Fortress of Solitude

My sweet one has not been sleeping well these past two days. At first I chalked it up to 4 month old angst but it's looking more and more like she is sick. The only place my little lamb will sleep is on my bed and I mean, the ONLY place!

Not in her carseat!

Not in the stroller!

Not in her crib!

I HATE co-sleeping. (I don't think it's wrong, I'm just a worry woman by nature.) It makes me NERVOUS that I'm going to squash her in a tired stupor or WORRIED that she's going to roll off the bed. So, when she sleeps, I've got her surrounded.
Praise the Lord for my pillow addiction--it's giving me a little peace of mind and M a little fortress of solitude.


We've been struck again! The dreaded ear infection is back! Hopefully a few doses of Augmentin will lead to some better sleeping for all of us!


Ree said...

I completely understand!! The worrying makes for a terrible time sleeping, also!!

I LOVE yor bedding!! Where did ya get it?

Michelle said...


Megan & Company said...

Too perfect! :)

A MIXED NUT! said...

Hope she gets better soon:) Nothing worse than a sick, not sleeping baby.

Emily said...

Sweet baby! I'm totally with you on the co-sleeping thing. I've never fallen asleep w/ her in bed with us, but I've woken up several times CONVINCED that she was buried under the pillow I was holding. ugh. God Bless sleep deprivation.