Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh the things I know that I forgot that I knew that now I've remembered that I know

Somehow today I re-discovered that my husband is tickle-ish. I'm as astounded as you are that I forgot this useful tidbit of information because we're not talking "oh, stop tickling me, that makes me uncomfortable" we're talking "screaming like a 4th grade girl with uncontrollable tickle induced seizures." Apparently I discovered this shortly after we were married but somehow through having children and losing a few brain cells that way I had completely forgotten that he was THAT ticklish. I still can't believe my luck. Oh, and I need to stop taking pictures without flash--too blurry. And another thing, I hate my new blog layout and need to fix it pronto.
the end.

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Ree said...

How in the world did you not remember this? And what is wrong with your blog layout? I think it is awesome!!