Saturday, March 1, 2008

Six to One, Half A Dozen to the Other

Things That Irritate:

1. That no matter HOW often you cut your baby's finger nails she can still scratch her poor little cornea--my poor sweet girl!

2. Cold Weather

3. Politics in the classroom

4. Luke-warm showers even when you're the first one to take one in the morning. bleh.

5. Being wet. I sure don't like being wet. Yuck.

6. People who make you feel like "less"

Things That Bring Joy:

7. Unexpected wind-falls from caring friends

8. Targets sale on summer clothes for toddlers--it does an eagerly-over-preparing mother's heart good to have summer shopping done by February

9. The delicious comfort of laying in a comfortable, warm bed with your husband and baby

10. A Toddler that sleeps through the night and is POTTY TRAINED!

11. All of our friends

12. The ultimate joy-bringer--Jesus!


Ree said...

AMEN!! You nailed them all on the head!!

charmed1 said...

You definitely did!!!