Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heard and Seen: A.K.A. Things that make you go Hmmmm?!?

Overheard during dance class--Gym owner to (shy) Breastfeeding mother:

Gym Owner: HEY THERE! Do you want some milk, I mean water? I've heard that when you get all latched up you get thirsty? You want some?
B/f Mom--Uh, no thanks, I'm fine.
G.O.: Hey--Someone get this lady a water! She's breastfeeding and she looks thirsty!!

Church sign seen on the way to Chuck E Cheese today:

The best vitamin for a Christian to take is B-1.


Ree said...

Was this you?
Love that church sign! What church was it?

Michelle said...

thank goodness--it wasn't me! i would have died. literally.

i don't know the name of the church but it is on clements bridge road on the way to deptford!

Megan & Company said...


Brie said...

Oh my goodness, that had to have been Mr. Mike. I know exactly who you mean!! Nice enough guy but kind of a piece of work! But, that Little Gym is great, the girls LOVED IT there!!! Hope it's going well! I have sick girls here but hopefully we can get together sometime soon!!

Megan & Company said...

Now that I'm not "nak" and all rehydrated, I can fully comment. People are weird. And stupid.

(Back to hydrating....)

charmed1 said...

Was the gym owner a moron or just a man?!? I think I would have gotten up - baby still attached - and slapped him :)

Sarah said...

oh man, that gum guy. too much! and a church near us just had the sign up and i thought it was corny-licious!

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Emily said...