Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Five

In honor of one of my favorite, used-to-be-a-blogger-but-gave-it-up-friend, I have decided to resurrect her famous Friday Five for today. =)

1. I took the girls grocery shopping today. The good news is that our mission was accomplished in good time. The bad news is that we went to Walmart to get groceries instead of Wegmans to see if we'd save a little money. The great news is we saved about $45 and got more for our money. The awful news is that now I'm going to feel guilty for still going to Wegmans b/c Walmart isn't quite the same....experience.
Oh yeah, and this little cartoon from my favorite new preggo book "Pregnancy Haiku" is apropos:

2. It is lovely outside today. Hello Spring!--where, oh where have you been all my life?!
(And, of course you're here now that I've purchased some rainy day boots! You had better still have a storm or two left in you! ha!)
3. We're stuck home today b/c my sweet girls are on completely different schedules from
all. of. their. friends.
They wake early, nap early and go to bed early and our friends are no nap/late nap people. Amelie even made up a song about how her friends go to each other's homes in the afternoons and she can't because of the "rules." Oh man. Ha! Amelie doesn't need a nap, but she takes one so I've been enjoying the extra rest for myself but wondering how to balance special friend time for her.
4. I haven't written about Maeve-y milestones lately. Here's what she's been saying at 18 months (more or less anyways...):
thank you, please, more, all done, mama, dada, ahm (amelie), wow!, hi, bye, go, cracker, uv you (love you), 'night, ok, no, eat.
5. Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend friends!


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too bad Ryleigh isn't much of a play date... she hardly naps during the day, so she's always available for activities