Saturday, April 18, 2009

What We've Been Up To

What a busy and Wonderful week!
It was totally rad to have my husband home on spring break and we had tons of fun!
We took Amelie on her first bowling trip--she did eventually have fun, but was disappointed at first to find out that real bowling is actually much more difficult that Wii bowling....and you know, that not everyone bowls a 260 every know, like she does on the Wii...
(she did get a spare though--yay Amels!!)

Thursday was a beautiful day and we headed out to the Philly Zoo!
We love going there and do so often. We just upgraded our membership pass to include all of the fun attractions there--we tried out the cool carousel, the train ride, pony rides and paddle boats! Next time: horse rides, camel rides and zoo balloon (um...well, maybe not the zoo balloon--yikes!).
With all of this fun, who has time to see the animals? ha!

After the zoo, we headed out to Lancaster to visit our favorite PA peeps and go camping! Woot!
(I should clarify that we did go to a camp ground but stayed in a lovely heated/air conditioned cabin with cable know...really roughing it--what a treat!!)
We had a lovely time, ate delicious food, got a lot of sun and played in the sand!
The weather was delightful and although I intended to take many pictures of my lovely little ones I ended up with about 500 pictures of baby Asher in all his 3 week old glory.
He's gorgeous! Perfect! Amazing!
(Holding your best friend's long awaited/prayed for baby is almost as good as holding your own--what a joy!)
On Friday night my parents came down from NY for a visit (and a break from the snow!) to spend the day with me and their grandgirls.
We headed out for a day of free fun at our favorite South Jersey farm--and of course, I didn't take any pictures of the lovely fields of peach blossoms or cherry blossoms....or of the animals or playground or of the verdant fields but I did get pictures of the half-price ice cream.
Priorities people! Ha!
We had an awesome time playing on the playground, taking a hayride tour of the farm, eating free food, looking at the animals, soaking in the WARM/hottish sunshine, wearing shorts for goodness sake!, and picking out a lovely new hanging basket for my porch!
What a lovely week! The only sad part is that Mr. Wonderful wasn't (and still isn't) home today as he is in NYC with his music team competing in the International A cappella Music Finals!! His team is up against the three other winners in the USA and are performing at Lincoln Center in the Alice Tulley hall!
I can't wait to see how it all turns out!
Happy Weekend Friends!


Madre said...

YEAH for a wonderful spring break! We had a great time visiting our darlings....just went way too fast! Hope to see you soon - love u all!

SarahV said...

that is a ridiculous amount of fun-ness to have in one week. and i'm glad you had it :) and i'm glad i was a part of it!!