Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Week Shelly...

*has spent a lot of time with her spring break husband--woot!

*entered the second trimester (it's a lot more comfortable here, although there's still a whole lotta nausea goin' on)

*has been craving salty

* weaned an ornery 18 month old, for the second time, and for real this time

(much to her chagrin)

* has a tooth that seems to be magically doesn't hurt all day, all the time, anymore and merely hurts at night! it's no longer as cold sensitive, but it merely hot sensitive. all-in-all a much more livable condition--thank you for praying friends and family!!

* went for her first pregnancy related blood draw, of this pregnancy that is....least favorite milestone! ick!

* is soooo sleepy....sleepy.....*yawn
*was told twice this week that i "look like that girl from the notebook"

* is getting sick to death of our ultra liberal president and the decisions he is making.

* has an awesome 4 year old who we took bowling and watched as she got a spare!

* built a bear ( monkey), bought lots of chick fil a happy meals and will be heading to the zoo AND on our first camping trip of the year with our besties

* heard some really excellent news for friends/family which is a giant sized answer to prayer!

* is expecting a visit from her parents this weekend!
* wishes she had some more gymbucks to spend....ah...gymbucks....
*off to pack as we leave for camp to-day!


Devin said...

Hey, you do look like Rachel McAdams! Never saw that before, but it is so true!

So, so glad about your tooth, I've been praying for that!

Micayla said...

sounds lie you've been having a good week... except for the blood work, and the nausea, and the president. Hope you have fun camping!