Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Top 5 Things NOT To Say When Someone Tells You They're Pregnant

I've heard a lot of um....interesting (to put it nicely) responses from people upon finding out I'm pregnant--so I thought I'd share them with you all just so you know what not to say next time you hear the good news from someone =) HA! (p.s. I have had many kind and totally appropriate responses too, but the awful ones are more interesting to blog about! ha!)
5. You must really like kids...huh?
(Um...yes...I do)
4. 3...
3. Well, you must want a boy then! There's no way you would want three girls!!
(with the emphasis on girls sounding the same as--well, you wouldn't want EBOLA would you!?!?)
2. This is your third? Well! It's definitely your last then, right!!?
1. Was that planned?!
Followed up immediately by:
Well, stay away from me because I do NOT want to catch THAT from YOU!
(I hate to break it to you honey, but um, that's not quite how the whole pregnancy thing works...which you ought to know...since you have kids and all...sheesh!)
These people need to learn that the only truly acceptable responses are along the lines of:
Congratulations! How exciting! I'm so happy for you!
Etc and so on...=)


Sheri said...

Thats hillarious! I mean not really, but I am always AMAZED at what people say.....ITs funny because I feel like no adays people think you are CRAZY with a capitol C if you have more than 2 kids? Don't get me wrong kids are hard and I don't think I want 10, but is funny people say the same thing about us and " going for teh girl" which I really would like, but hey boys are great too and ebola is most deffinately WORSE!:)


Tribe Mama said...

Oh it only gets worse with each baby you add :) Enjoy the pregnancy and all the wonder that goes with it...what do those people know anyway!

Julie said...

Well, maybe you haven't heard this one, but here's another one NOT to say - "Are you sure it's not TWINS? You're pretty big." Oh, and from my mother upon hearing the news of my last pregnancy, "You DO know how to prevent this, don't you?" NICE.

Don't worry, your blogger friends are VERY excited for you, even if you DO have ANOTHER girl...LOL

Sarah said...

wow! that's pretty amazing! i think my favorite is #4. its as if you just said you're having number 30! i love how people feel like they can determine your family size and gender proportion for you. yikes!

Pamela said...

someone should put that on a shirt.
or else,
'yes. it was planned. did you plan to be rude, or was that an oops?'
or else,
'your mama was right. if you can't say anything nice, SHUT UP.'

A Jersey Girl said...

I am sorry, but I had to laugh at that! As the mother of three, I remember those comments so well and my baby is 4!

All I have to say is Congrats! And I wish you a happy and healthy BABY:)


JerseyGranny said...

Boy, oh boy! It's a good thing I wasn't present when these things were said to you! So, from your loving MIL:


Can't wait to cuddle this new precious one!

A Repletion of Reverie said...

I wish I was around when people said some of that stuff to Micayla when she was pregnant. I truly do feel bad for all you women when you're pregnant. Most people assume it's alright to be inconsiderate and nosy and sometimes I just want to punch people directly in the face....ok...i'm done. YAY BABY YAY!

Devin said...


If I had a nickel...I'd be rich from those comments too. Especially the 'trying for a (in my case) girl, are you?'

My favorite one was, "You do know what's causing that, don't you?"

Like we didn't. And, like we didn't want the babies we were trying for.

Sheesh! It seriously makes me wonder what is wrong with some people! I mean, I would never, never say that to someone....why do some people feel as if it is okay to say those things? Do they think they are being funny or do they just not realize how rude it is?

See, this is me symapthizing with you cause I've been's been over 2 1/2 years for me and the wounds are still a bit raw :-) *hee hee*