Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Concert Numero Dos

Last night the kids put on a super cute and fun little Christmas production at church.
It was the story of the nativity from the perspective of the *stars*.
All of my pictures came out poorly because you couldn't use your flash and I just bought my little point and shoot!
Oh well! =)
The girls singing sweetly (and yes the singing was sweet even though Amelie has demon eyes from the camera =)
Maeve and Amelie's class sang together for a few songs!
(Amelie is on the right in the back and Maeve is front and center)
Blurry but a funny Maeve face. =)
Amelie in the *big kid* production for the first time this year!
So cute!

And, for the *fail* of the century (or week or whatever) the *only* video I got was my test video to set up the distance for taking the actual video. Boo. Still you can see a cute Maeve, Leah and Jack though! =)
There are so many wonderful people at our church who work with the young people!
What a blessing!


Janet said...

I love how Maeve was standing up for herself demanding space. The poor child was so crowded out! And look at that cute little blonde boy! :)

Madre said...

my bottom lip is out......I was hoping for a song.....

Glad you posted what shots you did you!