Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Puhlease Help!

My husband's amazing music team has made it into the semi-finals of Philadelphia's B101 Christmas Choir Competition!!!!

They are up against 2 other larger schools and could really use your help to vote for them
I should mention they are *BAPTIST REGIONAL SCHOOL* **What Child Is This?**
First prize is $5000 for their school music department!
All you have to do is click *HERE* and vote for them! you can also help them out by pressing the *Like* button for Facebook!
After you vote make sure you CONFIRM YOUR VOTE through your email! 
**Check your spam folder just in case!!
You just click through and you're done!
Easy Peasy! =)
Thank you so much for helping! It will only take a minute!


Betsy said...

What is the school name? The Baptist one?

HayleyAshton said...

Shelly, which school is it? It just takes you straight through to where you can vote for all 3?
Hay x

Shelly said...

Sorry ladies! I can't believe I forgot to put their name down =)

Madre said...

Voted....But, by the look of the tally, we NEED more voters!