Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Must Type Before I Become A Couch Bound Vegetable

We had a wonderfully lovely morning, in spite of the monsoon outside, with friends who keep our hearts so happy!
I attempted homemade pizza.
It was mildly successful.=)
I heart my bread machine and it's fancy schmancy dough setting!
Then I took a nap.
It was the kind of nap you wake up from and feel like you could have slept another 2 was good. 
Naptime will never stop being my favorite!!!
This is Ezra.
He is 13 months old today.
He's perfect and kissable and wonderful in every stinkin' way.
He walks.
Soon he'll talk.
I'm enjoying every moment!
I celebrated his 13 months of being by going to the hardest group exercise class I have ever endured.
If you don't hear from me tomorrow send someone to scrape me off of the floor.
Please. And thank you.
I *am* glad I went though. =)
It's not everyday you have a near death experience in a room full of 30 people.
Tee hee!
N-e-wayz....even torturous exercise is made bearable with the lighthearted company of friends!
Actually just about everything is made more bearable with the lighthearted company of friends!
Amen and passing out in 3...2...

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Madre said...

Don't give up. One of my retired teacher friends stopped in at work today. When I told her that she looked very happy, I figured she would say...I am having fun, life is good, etc. Instead she said, I have FOUND exercise. She really really looked great ~ her smile, her energy, her attitude.