Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Tell All

Our transition back to *life as usual* has gone quite well! 
We ran a lot of errands today and visited Mr. Wonderful which is always a favorite! Ezra is getting some new teeth is so he's been a little clingy but he's still sleeping well and I'm still getting a nap so all is well. =)
Amelie got *the Target version of an American Girl doll* for Thanksmas and she is in love! She dressed up in a semi-matching outfit to bring her in for show and tell yesterday.

And not to be outdone--Maeve cheesing with Jessie!
That's it for now!
Mr. Wonderful is upstairs finishing up tucking in the girls and I'm waiting for our first conversation of the day....you know, because it's almost impossible to have a *real* one while they're all awake! =)
Good night!

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Madre said...

So glad that Audrey Ann got to visit school with miss Amelie. Very cute combo. Also glad that Maeve is enjoying her dollie from Aunt Amy and Uncle Matt!