Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Day I Did Mom Stuff

My Maevey was lucky enough to have a Granny/Grandgirl day today so Ezra and I were on our own!
It always amazes me how much I get done with just one child around! 
It's not that my kids are bad at all (usually =) it's just that there's always so many little things to do when they're around that I don't get many big things done!
Well, today was another story!
During Ezra's nap I got down to what I like to call
*Laundry ZERO*
Laundry Zero = the point at which all laundry has been done, folded AND taken care of AND the hamper is empty. 
Laundry Zero is like a little piece of Heaven!!!
I also had time to go through the girls closet and reorganize and sort out clothes that don't fit or aren't seasonally appropriate--I've been dying to do this! 
What a good job to have done!
After errands and a visit to Mr. Wonderul, Ezra and I ate lunch during which I made a Turkey Pot Pie (with our leftover turkey from yesterday....turkey = love!).
This was the first time in the 20 years that I've been cooking that I made a successful pie crust!!! 
Go me!!!
(successful = delicious and mostly normal looking; it's not pretty but it was yummy!)
So, I had to commemorate with a picture..which I didn't take until I had already cut into it--but my first successful pie crust needed to be remembered!
After dinner Amelie and I raked a million leaves 
(only 3 million left to go!) and then I started working on her costume for the Thanksgiving party at school.
I didn't go by a pattern--I just bought some light fleece and "Indian" ribbon and decided to wing it.
I think the final project came out well and only took about 15 minutes:
Indian Amelie!
The neck is a little more "scoopy" than I had anticipated but since she's going to wear a shirt under it anyways it doesn't matter too much.
My Christmas cards arrived today and reminded me that we'll be celebrating Thanksmas = Christmas/Thanksgiving in NY very soon! Woot!
That's all for now!
Happy Wednesday!

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