Sunday, November 28, 2010

We had a nice and relaxing day yesterday.
Friday night when we got back from NY we did all the unpacking and putting-away-ing and the laundry and the straightening so Saturday we could relax!
Some out of town friends stopped by for a morning visit and it was great to catch up with them!
Mostly, Maeve and Ezra gave their son, Zander, a crash course on what it's like to have other people who want to "share" (steal) your toys. =)
After lunch and naps we got ready for the Fire Truck Parade!
Granny and Pop came over to watch with us and we bundled the children and waited...and waited....
It got started a bit late but since it goes right out front of our house it didn't matter too much. =)
There were soooo many firetrucks and thankfully not all of them were blaring their sirens this year! 
It was great fun and the kids loved the lights and the candy and Mommy loved the super short, non-existent commute. =)
The kids all ready to go!!
Granny and E-Boy!
Firetrucks! Lights! Candy! What more could a kid want?!

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Madre said...

looks like a very fun evening - glad that you were prepared for it and didn't have 3 sleeping children when all the excitement drove by your front yard! ;o)