Monday, November 15, 2010


How can something so lovely be so much work to remove from my lawn?

In other news....a friend recommended this most excellent deal to me and I had to pass it along!
Gilt is a website that offers daily deals on different items. If you sign up here you get a $20 credit automatically in your account! 
I've been dying to try Bento lunches and they have Bento boxes for $15! 
(Which is an excellent price!). 

Once you get your confirmation email you can click right on over and the $20 will be applied directly to your first purchase!
You can pay $8 for shipping (making the price of the bento $13 after discount) or you can input 10 different email addresses (of family and friends) and get shipping for free! 
I can't wait to try out my totally free, totally cool Bento box for Amelie's lunch! Yay!

Anyways, the babes are in the bed and I'm watching a new Netflix movie (obvi!!).
Good night!


Lindsay said...

What a great deal! I'm trying to click on your links but they don't work :(

Shelly said...

that's so weird! i fixed the link!