Thursday, November 18, 2010

Accentuate The Positive. Eliminate The Negative.

I'm ten shades of weird today so instead of writing the Whiney McWhinerson blog I felt like writing I've decided to be more productive and positive and write about the things that are true.
You're welcome. =)
*My husband is amazing. Perfect for me. He *does* floors. Also dishes, laundry and dusting. And there's all the things he does with and for the children. Also, he's kind of a *rock* star with the music and the piano and that is all kinds of hottt. 

*My babies. They are beautiful. They all take naps. Everyday. And so do I. They are healthy and funny and happy and they love me and give the best kisses and hugs. 

*My parents have always supported me. They gave me wings and let me fly (even though it meant that I flew away) and they do what they can to encourage and bless me at every turn. 

*My in-laws are my parents away from home and I grow more thankful for them every day. They love us and help to meet our needs and encourage and laugh and support and love my babies so much. Also the babysitting--they are so good at helping us out with our precious children and I am super stinkin' thankful for that!!

*My bff. She has red hair and she speaks the truth. Her family is full of cuteness. Love them all!

*My loving, encouraging friends who seek out my company and invite me into their homes and meet me for coffee and love my babies and never leave me feeling like things are one-sided. They are priceless treasures to me. I would be absolutely lost without them. I'm so thankful that God has placed each one in my life. 

*My Jesus. My Savior. No one compares with You. You saved me even though I'm full of pride. You forgave my sins and are preparing me a place in Heaven. You love me even though I am no good at loving You. 

Ah...I feel better now. What are you thankful for? 


Madre said...

I am thankful that my far away daughter writes a blog.
I am thankful that she has the LORD abiding in her heart to give her wisdom, peace and strength.
I am thankful that it is almost THANKSCHRISTMAS at my house.
I.CAN.NOT.WAIT! love you ALWAYS, madre xoxox

Devin said...

I'm thankful for my friend, Shelly, who made a choice to be positive today!! Good for you! You blessed my heart tonight.

JerseyGranny said...

I am thankful for a daughter-in-law that is more a daughter and friend to me.
I am thankful that she loves the Lord and our son.
I am thankful for my entire family and the joy they bring me each day!