Monday, November 29, 2010

Counting Down Christmas

Mr. Wonderful and Amelie had the whole week off for Thanksgiving so it was a little difficult today to get in gear and get 2/5 of the family out the door.
I miss "vacation"!
Luckily we're totally used to getting up at quarter to 7 since the kids always get up at the same exact time.
{At least it's not quarter to 6! =)}
Anyways, I thought about potty training Maeve again today but lost the motivation before we even started.
Instead the littles and I met our buddies for coffee and Ezra and PJ's favorite--*floor snacks* (i.e. anything left or dropped onto the floor and shoved in their mouths before the mothers have time to react.).
Ezra is just about fully walking all the time now so he was completely ooc (out of control). He loves his new found big-boy freedom and I swear he looks about a foot taller all the time now! 
In other news my *Adoraboots* a la Old Navy came today.
Mine are actually black but Old Navy must have sold out of them and so I couldn't find a picture of the right color. These are more fun though!
They're pretty hideous but super comfortable AND the most important thing of all is that they keep my toes warm! It's a winter miracle!!
I was so sick of frozen toes that I had to treat myself to these and really, for $15 I just couldn't go wrong.
They're my new inanimate besties.
Not to be confused with my actual bestie who dropped by Sunday for a few with her sweet little bundle of newborn boyness, Hosea:
He's perfect and I couldn't help but touch him with my frozen fingers.
Such a handsome guy! 
Just like the rest of the handsome guys in his family! =)
That's it for now!
Happy Monday, or as I like to call it, *Back To Reality Day*!!


Madre said...

sweet lil guy - boy they sure do grow up fast!

Breezy said...
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Breezy said...

1. Floor Snacks. Bawhahahahahaha!! I've convinced myself they're fortified with extra vitamins.

2. Sigh...look at that baby! I've only seen pictures but he looks alot like her oldest! What a doll!


(sorry, when I left the comment the first time it had a typo and as Sue would say "This. Will. Not. Stand!"

SarahV said...

i think asher likes his snacks better when they're on the floor :P

thanks for taking pictures of my newest cutie!