Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas In November And Pictures To Prove It

The best part about our trip to New York?
Aside from the wood heat, wide open spaces and Thanksgiving food and Christmas celebration?
Seeing my family!
My parents!
My babies playing in my parents' home!
Cousin Ezra and Cousin Ethan--only 2 weeks apart in age!
Granny and Pop with all of their babies!
My brothers and sister in law and nephew!
Present time!
Cousin rides of danger and fun!
Girls in matching dresses with their new dolls!
Christmas Jammies!
The whole Ackerman clan!
My Mom holding Maeve, my brother Michael, Sister in Law Amy holding Ethan, my brother (her husband) Matthew, Me and Ezra, Mr. Wonderful, Amelie and my Dad!
What a treat to see them all! It's been exactly a year since I saw my brothers, Amy and Ethan. I can't believe how quickly our time together went!


Devin said...

Can I just say I love the top pic of your Mom and Dad? They seem like wonderful (pardon that pun) people :)

Glad your time was fantastic!

Pamela said...

Hooray for fun at home-home.

Madre said...

Short.....sweet.....super.....and now a little sad. Love you and so very thankful that we could all be together!