Monday, November 1, 2010

To My One And Only *One*

To *My Precious Little Guy* on your 1st Birthday,
        A year ago today I was waiting for my Mother to arrive from New York. I had felt little contractions off and on all day and didn't really think they would come to anything. Then, of course, you totally surprised me with the most harrowing hour and a half of my life--but then you were here and I forgave you. Mostly. =)
There are times that it seems you have been a perfect part of our family forever, and times when I still can't believe how lucky we are to have you! 
       The first night in the hospital with you I just held you close and smelled your delicious head and baby breath. It was wonderful. You were so yummy! You were the most handsome little baby and when I brushed your hair you looked like a little man. =)
       This year, with you, has been amazing. You are wonderful and happy and lovely and easy and charming and delightful! I cannot believe how quickly the months have flown (and how busy these months have been!)! 
       You are the luckiest little guy--you have two beautiful sisters who love you so much and a Mama and Daddy who just can't get enough of you. You are our little pocket-full-of-sunshine and we love love love you!
       I pray that God will bless you as you grow with a thankful heart, with a loving spirit and a desire to follow His will for your life. We are so thankful that He has given you to us! We love you always and forever and then some!
Mama, Daddy, Amels and Maevey

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~Dawn~ said...

Happy 1st Birthday Ezra! You were born into such a WONDERFUL, loving family!

Madre said...

Happy birthday to most delicious lil guy ever!

Devin said...

I thought it was special that I remembered EACH one of those photos from the very FIRST time you posted them! So glad I get to watch this special little man growing up from afar!

Happy Birthday, little Ezra!d