Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shelly's Snippets

*I took Ezra for his *1* yr old pictures today to Sears. I don't know what the deal is but I have the *worst* luck there! I know many people who love getting their pictures done there (and get great ones!!) but I have never had a good experience.
--Strike 1: Amelie's 2nd birthday. Cute pose but charged me $15 for a sitting fee even though the offer I brought in specifically said it was free. I wasn't brave enough then to argue. Things have changed. =) HA!
--Strike 2: Amelie/Maeve Christmas picture. Made appt. Arrived on time/early. Waited for 1.5 hours in 100 degree waiting room just to have shots taken. Crying. Gnashing of teeth. 1 Cute picture.
--Strike 3: Ezra. Birthday. Ugly background, ugly props and I couldn't persuade them that I really just wanted a prop-free/white background shot. Unenthusiastic photographer. 2 cute shots. When I chose my pose at the end I was told that any centering/cropping of the picture counts as an enhancement and would cost extra. Apparently you need to pick a straight out of camera, crooked shot. So annoying. I used my squeaky-sick-girl voice to convince them to do it. Gah. I think my $4 for 40 pictures coupon annoyed them. =) 
Officially DONE with Sears. 
*I just ate the last halloween kit kat. boo. i'm gonna miss those! =)

*Today I bought $70+ of fun lotion-y goodness from bath & body works and in combining coupons and sales only spent $20. woot. 

*Also, don't get me started on the clearance at Gymboree with the extra 20% off AND the 20% coupon on top of that. Woot. 

*Speaking of coupons and sales....I just used my Rite Aid Rebates to purchase this new sweater from Old Navy:
It's soooo warm and comfy! And all I had to do was spend $0 at Rite Aid to make $50 so I could buy myself new clothes. Muwahhahahaha. People, use the coupons. They *make* you money!

*It's beautiful outside but chilly inside. *shiver*

*Sometimes I wish "things" were the way they "used to be." Even though, things as they stand are pretty great...if not slightly better even, then the way they were. Still, cut out = crappy.

*How's that for vague? 

*Happy Tuesday!

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