Sunday, November 14, 2010


 It was another lovely day! This "Fall" weather has been amazing and mostly mild and very lovely! 
It's been warmer outside than inside our house!
We played outside this afternoon and it was long as you don't count the fact that I spent the whole time raking! Our backyard isn't huge but it is lined with many large, old, trees with leaves the size of your face. 
Giant yellow leaves have been covering the yard for weeks but I made a nice dent in them and our yard is half green again! Yay! 
I filled 8 trash cans with leaves and will probably just do a little at a time. Oy.
In other news, we went to Target yesterday and I spied a kids haircut set on clearance. It wasn't must more than the price of a haircut for Ezra so I figured even if it didn't work out it would be worth the investment.
My first real attempt at baby haircuts:

The hardest part was that poor Ezra just didn't like it! And even though the clippers were quieter since they were made for children, he still hated them. I cut the top by hand and buzzed the sides. Let's just say it was a team effort and we could have used more hands! It's a little shorter than I had planned on but at least this way we'll have longer between cuts!!
I ordered Ezra's Christmas present today:
I hope he loves it since I don't plan on getting him anything else! =)
I love online Christmas shopping--so easy and NO scary people to deal with! Also, I had a bunch of gift cards for Amazon from Swagbucks and completing online surveys so it was almost free! Yippee!
Last night my husband had a friend over and since they were watching a "boy" movie I had planned on watching *An Education* but was tempted by something light and fluffy I heard good things about.
So, I watched The Proposal.

Eh. Save your brain cells and don't bother. It just didn't do a thing for me! 
Last, but MOST certainly NOT least, my favorite redhead in the universe had a birthday today!
She hasn't caught up with me in years yet but I love her anyways. =)

Happy happy birthday dear friend!!!
That's it for now! 
Just enjoying some peaceful time with Ezra while the girls and Mr. Wonderful are at Christmas concert practice for church!


SarahV said...

thanks for the b-day shout out!! and how could you not like the lets-make-a-naked-sandwich scene in The Proposal? ewwwwww. i did think it was a semi-funny movie though :)

Madre said...

The haircut is great! It does get easier with time! (I personally think the proposal is a good movie - not great - but it makes me laugh). I also am looking forward to more pictures of our big girl with glasses! Love you - madre xoxoxo