Sunday, December 5, 2010

(I'm sure)
that my definition of 
is others' definition of
takin' it 
We had much fun
(but even fun can be exhausting).
Saturday we were lucky enough to have a date with Granny and Pop to the local shop of Christmas wonders.
They have super fun *free* display of cute/creepy electronically moving people and animals
(It's A Small World Style)
and lights, lights, lights!
Followed by lunch and playtime and naps!
Saturday night we were lucky enough to have a lovely dinner with some of our church family.
The kids were so well behaved and the food was yummy and the company was fantastic--it was very nice!!
Today I had the privilege of taking my sweet babies to church.
(Mr. Wonderful had a music-team-singing-commitment) 
It's hard to wrangle the 1 and 3 year old at times.
I am trying to cherish it but mostly it feels like a workout. =)
We ran errands and picked up some birthday/Christmas presents tonight and cleaned and I still feel like the list is a mile long.
Oh well. The little things always get done eventually.
Anyways it's 8 and the kids are sleeping and I desperately need to find something for dinner!
Happy Sunday!

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