Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Little Rosebud

The night before you were born, I remember laying on the couch with Daddy, watching tv and thinking how very wonderful it was that I had a month off of work to prepare for your arrival.
And came the next day, a month early, and nothing was ever the same again.
Those first months were so very difficult for me.
Much more difficult, and much much MUCH more lonely and stressful than I ever thought they could or would be! 
But, we made it through!!
I had such a hard time appreciating how wonderful you were then.
You would sit there and stare at me with your sweet little rosebud lips and big brown eyes and so many times I was just at a loss.
But God is good. 
And *time* is a teacher.
And we learned each others rhythms and eventually you slept in longer than 20 minute shifts....
You, my Amelie, are the kindest, most sensitive, loving, helpful, over-achieving, perfectionist princess in the land
I love
I love
I love
And you've more than made up for those 6 sleepless months with the 4 hour naps you've taken almost everyday of your life until you started Kindergarten! =)
Darling Amelie--I pray that you will grow up knowing how much you are loved.
You are special
and I'm privileged to be your Mama.
I love you always and forever and then some!

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