Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Mr. Wonderful!!!!

I love these few precious months every year when my husband is *three* years older than me instead of just *two*. 
It makes me feel all young and giddy! =)
I am so thankful, joyful, blessed, happy, thrilled that you were born honey!
I love you so much and love growing a little older with you every year!
You're my favorite!!!
And, in honor of your birthday--
34 Reasons Why You Are Wonderful:
1. You are *the* funniest person I know, and not ever at the expense of others. 
2. You go to work every single day to provide for us. Even when it isn't easy. 
3. You are a servant to a fault--*always* putting EVERYONE and EVERYTHING before yourself. I admire you for it even though I give you a hard time about it!
4. You love me. All the time. Even when I am unlovable!
5. Because 1 Corinthians 13 suits you perfectly:
6. Patient
7. Kind
8. Longsuffering
9. Not Envying
10. Not Boastful
11. Not Proud
12. Not Rude
13. Not Self-Seeking
14. Not Easily Angered
15. Keeping no record of wrongs
16. Always protecting, trusting, hoping, persevering...
17. Because you passed on your cuteness to our precious children.
18. You *do* floors
19. And dishes
20. And laundry
21. And anything else that needs to be done without complaining!
22. Because you don't mind getting me milkshakes at 8:30 pm for no reason other than the fact that I want one=)
23. You let me warm up my cold hands on you!
24. You have no problem changing diapers!
25. You get up with Ezra every single morning no matter what time he decides to wake up!
26. Your dance parties with the kids.
27.  You let me hold the remote <3
28. You are man enough to clip, sort, use coupons AND grocery shop!
29. Because your driving isn't scary.
30. 'Cause you come up with things like this:

31. You are handsome!
32. You are loyal!
33. You get even more wonderful as each year goes by!
34. You make me so proud to be your wife!

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