Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Graduate

Maeve-y girl graduated from preschool today! She was awarded "Best laugh and voice." We were assured she is the cutest girl in the class--what a surprise! HA! Love that crazy girl! Here she is with her diploma: =)
In other news--not much is going on (which I prefer! =). I started working on the top of the hutch thingy that I re-finshed into a sideboard. This part will be a book shelf for Ezra's room. I'm switching his room up and getting ready to convert him to big-boy-status and will be taking out the nursing rocker (tear) and baby toys. Before:
I have some fun greenish-blue paint that I might paint part of it with....I don't know yet. And I have a bunch of baskets lingering around that I think would be great for some small toy storage in his room. It's my hope to get some toys out of the living room area and up the stairs! My baby is getting soooo big. Le. Sigh. I gave him a mohawk tonight--I cut it a little short though so it doesn't really look like one. Oh well, practice makes perfect. =)
That's it. I worked on spring-cleaning everything today and am ready for a break! Happy Wednesday! 

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