Thursday, May 17, 2012

We've been keeping super busy this week. Lots of outdoor time and park dates with friends--it was just what the doctor ordered!!! I am so thankful to have people to meet up and hang out with and for little kiddos for my children to play with--it makes my heart happy! 
We went to a park today and I spent most of the time tailing Ezra who wanted to ride the scooter onto the other end of the very large park. Luckily Maeve is very self sufficient and I could watch her from afar biking around with her favorite little gal-pal. 
Not much else is going on--just counting down the days until summmmmerrrr is here! I love having all three of my kiddos home and the fact that my husband's schedule is MUCH lighter (as are our wallets le sigh...). Amelie just about loses her mind every time she hears of our adventures so it will be very good to share them with her! 
 In other news: enjoy this completely gratuitous picture of the flowers I was gifted at my husband's concert. Beautiful
In completely other other news, I've decided to start keeping track of what I eat this week. And give up soda. Gah. It's stupid. But I can use the Fitness Pal App on my Ipad so it's almost like a game. Almost. It hasn't been too painful so far--I've only ever watched what I ate once. And it lasted about 4 we'll see. I have officially tied that record so far. Ha! That's it. Happy Thursday!

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