Tuesday, May 1, 2012

As I type this *the* most delicious breeze is blowing through my back door-feels like a little bit of Heaven! I just finished giving the girls their baths (Mr. Wonderful is out taking a walk with the little man) and painting their fingers and toes hot pink. 
I built a bunny fortress around the garden last night (baby pool + bricks + broom = bunny proof). Success. Woot. 
Had our friends over today for a little birthday celebrating and hair-cutting extravaganza. It didn't seem like my clippers were cutting PJ's super thick and beautiful hair so I set the clippers 1 notch shorter and then....his hair was SHORT. He looks soooo handsome and grown up but I feel like I scalped him. Ahhhhh--good thing his hair grows fast!  =)
Before, During, After
 I forgot to post these pictures of the kids that I took before church on Sunday:
 In other news Ezra has been glasses-obsessed lately so he was rocking a pair of pink shades from his sister on Sunday. Little Elton!

We had a happy day! I hope you did too!

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