Monday, April 30, 2012

It's been a long few days with lots packed in--I am thankful, even for Monday, for life to relax its pace and for things to calm down. 
I can't even remember the last thing I blogged about but we've had--
*the last day of Bible study for the spring. sadness.
*a bunny make its nest in my beautiful-new-growing-garden. now it's a beautiful new-growing-garden with a giant bunny butt print. gah. i don't know how to solve this problem. 
*my husband's friend was here for the weekend so we had a full house and i was a third wheel. he was an excellent house guest though and it was good to see my husband enjoy his friend and relive his youth. =)
*we had a ladies brunch on Saturday and it was so lovely to spend some time with dear friends and listen to the speaker (whose job I took over teaching art before Maeve was born--it was good to see her too!).
*before that I was able to go to the coffee shop with my friend Brie. with NO children. it was kind of amazing. i forget what it's like to not be correcting, chasing, consoling, feeding etc... in public. 
*my husband's music team ran the service at church sunday and that was super enjoyable--great music and my dear in-laws came and treated us to lunch after. what a treat. love them!
*and's monday--we were able to spend some time at the park with friends and took long naps. i don't understand why more people don't nap--it makes me so happy! 
* i cut ezra's hair today-it doesn't grow long it grows FLUFFY hahaha-before fluff/after sleek:
 anyways...not much else is happening. i have been faithfully running for the last three weeks and did a little over 2 miles saturday and 2 miles this morning--making slow but sure progress!
hope you had a happy monday!


Breezy said...

The coffee was awesome. True story. Thanks for being my partner in crime on a rare, child-free hour!

Breezy said...

Oh, also? Ezra totes looks like my beloved Papa Elton in that before picture. Swoon.