Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We've had a lovely couple of days filled with playdates and friends and having my husband home at night! yay!! Monday Mr. Wonderful took the kids to the park after dinner and didn't come back until bedtime and last night we did the same thing as a family! I love our home and that we can easily walk to a few different parks--what a treat! 
Not much else is new--we're just counting down the days until spring break! It will be so nice to have everyone home! The kids are really looking forward to Easter! Granny of the East got them so really cute outfits (the girls picked out their dress this year--so sweet!) and Granny of the South got Ezra's shoes! Now we're all set except for Amelie's shoes--that girl has hit a growth spurt and needs a new shoe wardrobe. =)
Happy Wednesday! Looks like rain today which will make my baby grass happy! =)

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