Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Week So Far

I've been so camera-lazy lately!
Saturday we went to a local town's Easter Egg Hunt and I brought my camera but it was too crazy to take pictures! The kids ended up getting a nice amount of eggs but it was a little wild. =)
After the egg hunt we dropped the girls off at Granny and Pop's house--they helped clean and then went out for ice cream and a little shopping at the mall. They had a WONDERFUL time! While they were having a wonderful time Mr. Wonderful and I took Ezra to Applebees for lunch! It was so fun and easy! It's amazing how much easier just 1 kiddo is than 3! 
 It's also amazing how well behaved Ezra is when there is no one else around to inspire his dramatic tendencies! 
Sunday we really enjoyed church and celebrating Easter with our NJ family--a picture of Granny with some of the grands (Ezra was playing cars inside!).
Pop set up an egg hunt and the littles all had fun finding their special eggs!

 Xander proudly showing off his eggs!
 Ryleigh enjoying the spoils:
These past two days have been spent with lots of park playtime, outdoor work and long runs for me. It's been a GIGANTIC blessing to have my whole family home. The kiddos have been getting along so well it's been pretty awesome.
I love spring break!!

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Madre said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. So very glad!