Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Ressurection Day!

So thankful for the family God has given me.
We have enjoyed our Easter morning with eggs and baskets and new books for Amelie and new toys for Maeve and Ezra. 
We went to church and really enjoyed the Easter cantata--soo soo lovely!
Anyways, I like to take pictures of my little people because I love them.
Some of my little people (ahem...Ezra) don't like getting their/his picture taken.
Gnashing of teeth.
The other people? Perfectly happy to be photographed:
Hope you a enjoyed a happy day with your family! We're looking forward to Easter egg hunting and *ham* (yum) with our Jersey Family. 
A kind lady, riding by on her bike, stopped and asked if she could take our family picture! What a treat! We rarely get pictures of us all--yay! Just ignore the fact that I'm too smiley and Maeve and Ezra are un-smiley. =)

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Madre said...

Loved the Easter pictures but most of all I LOVE you all. madre xox