Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a wonderful, relaxing, boring (in a good way!!), lovely week we've had together!
I just LOVE spring break--I can't remember the last time we had such a long stretch of days with no set plans and wide open days! Last year at this time my husband was doing a show that took a HUGE commitment so this has been as awesome break! 
We did some projects around the house--planted my garden, set up a new spot for our outdoor furniture and spent lots and lots of time at parks, and taking walks and just enjoying the outdoors. 
The girls get along so fantastically--it's been a joy to have them together playing all day! They are best friends! They decided they wanted to rearrange their room so we worked on that for a few hours the other day--I was so proud of them--throwing out things and stowing away their toys so nicely. Yay for organization! 
I also worked seriously on my running this week and am back up to running almost 2 miles, almost comfortably. =)
 I still have a ways to go but I hope to be in shape to run my first 5K this summer! 
Another thing I did was make this awesome recipe featured on Pioneer Woman--
I've been in a bit of a recipe rut so I did some searching for Chuck Roast recipes so I could use the one we had in our freezer. This is called ***Drip Beef--which I've never heard of but LET ME TELL YOU--it's pretty much amazing. We got some delicious rolls from Wegmans and I substituted the sherry for 1/2 white wine vinegar/brown sugar mixed. Divine.
Another fun thing that happened was that I finally got my Ipad! I've been saving money since Christmas and wanted to wait until it went down in price and finally finally got one! Oh my word--I am not disappointed--pretty much the funnest gadget ever. =)
We really enjoyed church today and are getting things geared up for school tomorrow. Just about 8 weeks left and summer will be here! 
In other news, please pray for my husband's grandfather and grandmother. Pop-pop is doing very poorly and is in the hospital. Mom-mom is confused and worried. Please pray for them--they are the absolute sweetest, kindest, most loving people in the whole wide world. Jesus hold them close!
Good night friends.

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Madre said...

I am so thankful and glad you had a great week off together as a FAMILY!
Mom mom and Pop pop are in our prayers, as well as all those who love them.
There are no words, so thankful for all that salvation in Jesus Christ stands for. Oh death where is thy sting?