Friday, April 20, 2012

I've been trying to write a new blog all day but I'm not smart enough to figure out Blogger's new format. =) Anyway....I just sent my husband off to Ohio. His Pop-pop passed away and the funeral is tomorrow morning. I'm sad that I can't go myself but very happy that he can go! Although, he's only been gone for an hour and I miss him so much!!! 
Love that husband of mine!!! 
It's been a hard week for me emotionally getting Steve set to leave-I have massive anxiety about traveling in general....and that's really thrown me for a loop. So I had to work my anxiety out through cleaning and scrubbed my house top to bottom and felt marginally better. That's it though--I'll just be holding my breath until my husband gets back and trying to enjoy every moment with my most precious children. =)
I have some videos to post if I ever figure out this new blogging format too! Ha! 
Happy Friday--squeeze your loved ones extra tight!

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