Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We've had a great week so far--the weather has been unseasonably warm so we've spent a lot of time outdoors! The kids have even been swimming in their baby pool and loving it! =)
I forgot to post a picture the other day of the girls after their shopping trip with Granny--they're so funny and are so lucky to have one set of grandparents so close by!
And another picture--of all my favorite people--even though mostly Amelie is all feet in it. =)

And last but not least, Ezra boy in the stroller at 7am demanding we go for a walk. =)
We ended up heading out to the park very early and since it was so lovely walking a bit further to the lake and walking the mile loop.

Ezra walked the entire thing while Maeve rode in the stroller. Ha! We had a great time looking at all of the baby ducks, a pair of loons (which I've never seen there before), tons of turtles and lots of fish! We walked back in time to have a play-date with some of our favorites. With long naps and pool time after dinner it was a full but great day!
Today Maeve has preschool so I have to finish rounding up the littles--she only has 6 days left (spread out throughout the next 4 weeks). I can't believe the end of the year is nearly here and that soon I'll have a Pre-K girl and a 2nd grader! Ahhhhhhhh I can *still* clearly remember 2nd grade--how can I have a daughter going into it? Time. Flies. I need to enjoy every moment! Happy Wednesday!

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