Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yesterday was plain awful! 
The children were grumpy-sauce all. day. long.
And then, as the day went on, so. was. I. 
I think, a lot of the times, that they are grumpy I'm not sacrificing my own wants & focusing on them enough. I wanted to make a really nice dinner so I spent a lot of time working on homemade soups and bread instead of just sitting them them and getting out books and puzzles.
I don't know. Can't win 'em all--but I can definitely pray for a better attitude!
I'm so thankful for these guys--
...Even when they are super naughty. =) HA! 
Today we are looking forward to an outing with friends and Amelie is singing a solo in the Gifts & Talents Chapel at school. I am always soooo nervous for her--but she doesn't seem to get nervous so I keep it to myself. I'm sure she'll do well--especially since Daddy is there to play piano for her! We have spent many years sacrificing so that my husband can continue to teach in a Christian school--and it pretty much feels like the best decision ever now that Amelie is in school with him and he can check up on her and support her. Love. it. 
That's it for now! Happy Thursday--these days sure do go fast!!

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