Monday, May 21, 2012

It's a rainy day here and promising to be a rainy week. I'm a bit bummed because we had SUCH a WONDERFUL time last week with lots of park dates with friends and lots of long walks just the three of us--it was really perfect. 
I went for a rainy run this morning and started to feel like I'm gaining momentum! It's been so tedious the last month with slow runs and feeling like I'm not all there--but today, for a little bit, I wasn't just running--I was FLYING. I mean--it was technically downhill but still, progress is good. =) 
One of the advantages to my early morning runs is that I get first pick of the trash before the trash trucks come along. I've found a lot of great stuff and dragged it back ON my back or run faster home so I have time to grab the van, do a pick up and speed away before the 7am trash men come. =) 
About two weeks ago I found a large hutch! I was excited because the side table we have in our kitchen is falling apart and literally held together with hot glue. For real. =) The large upper part of the hutch wouldn't work in our kitchen because I just don't have much wall space but the bottom is the perfect sideboard and the top will be an awesome shelf for Ezra's big boy room (whenever I get around to putting that together =). 

I had spray paint left over from another project that I sprayed the old brass pulls with, leftover primer and brushes and just got a quart of paint to match our kitchen. A super inexpensive project! I even found some cool new knobs on Anthropologie (favorite) on clearance! They were even cheaper than plain old knobs at Home Depot!
And the neatest thing of all? I was just beyond blessed when I figured out I had room to hide my giant box of coupons in here instead of in the middle of my counter!! I just think it's so neat when things like that happen--I mean, I found someone else's trash that is just what I needed for my house with the extra special blessing of storage and coupon-hide-a-bility. Seriously, it felt like a great big hug from God.
I believe with all my heart that God cares about the details of our lives. How could a Creator who made such an amazing world NOT care?! He just does and today putting together my little trash find I really felt loved like a child. Thank you Lord!
So thankful for all of the little and big blessings today. Happy Monday!


jamie said...

Oh. I. Really. Love. You.
We were cut from the same cloth...even our relationship with the Lord. I read your blogpost and got confused thinking I wrote It:)

Melody said...

I so agree...God is absolutely in the details. I love when he reminds me of his faithfulness in the little things! I could so use a little reminding right about now...just sayin' : ) Love how your garbage find turned out!

Madre said...

The Lord is good and greatly to be praised....
I am so glad that you remember that He is the giver of every gift....
It is a great testimony to His faithfulness every time you share what He does! Love you my crafty daughter :o)